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Did you know that the fastest growing addiction in America is not alcohol or drugs?

If you guessed it might be gambling, food or social media you are wrong too. Today the fastest growing addiction in America is PORN.
You don’t believe it?

Let me give you only 3 facts to show how alarming this situation is:

  • Porn Sites Get More Visitors Each Month Than Netflix, Amazon and Twitter Combined
  • 30 percent of all data transferred across the Internet is porn
  • The most popular porn site received in 2017, 81 million visitors per day which makes
    28.5 billion visitors for the year!

Yes brother, as raw as it might sound, porn is as addictive as any chemical substance out in the marketplace, and it creates even stronger compulsive behaviors in people affected by this!

But, Do you wanna know the worst part?

Porn is so covered and shame and guilt, and it has such a bad reputation in our society that many people keep it secret, and when someone bring the topic into a conversation, it  creates the typical awkward silence or the uncomfortable moment and people talk about
something trivial right away.

That’s why so many people are living this pain silently, and most of them don’t know what to do about it. As a matter of fact, the largest majority of the people affected by this, don’t even know that they are suffering of a condition that gets worse and worse.

But telling the truth, if you are like most of the people that has access to a laptop, a tablet or a cellphone, chances are that it is more difficult for you not to watch porn than watching it:

It takes a simple pop-up when you are surfing the web, one of you acquaintances sending a video on your WhatsApp group or just clicking on a promotion on your email and there you go!

You hit the evolutionary jackpot, watching more naked babes having sex in one hour than your grandfather watched in a lifetime!


But this problem, is so recent, that we lack enough scientific studies, or research about it.

This is the Wild Wild West of sexuality, and very recently, respected scientists, medical doctors and renowned experts in human sexuality have been discovering that porn addiction can lead to all sort of complications like delayed or premature ejaculation, anxiety and depression, low libido and even erectile dysfunction.

In other words, we are entering one of the worst epidemics in the history of humankind, and this is happening silently, while the media celebrate the performers as stars and kid are getting their sexual education from porn.

But there is a Solution!

Don’t worry brother. Every setback in life is meant to turn you into a better man. You might have heard that popular saying: “The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire”. After going trough tis ordeal for two decades, I said enough is enough.

I made my priority number one to heal. Period.

And I set my life on fire to heal myself from this awful addiction, and that brought me into a journey where I studied the people who have generated great results in healing this compulsive behavior:

I learned the best methods out there to cure this, I’ve interviewed great people, I’ve read their books, I’ve taken their programs and I’ve applied all that knowledge and techniques to my own life and most importantly I’ve separated the wheat from the chaff.

And I created a one-on-one Addiction Breakthrough Program that I call ‘Quitting to Achieve’

On this course you will learn the following lessons:
(this is just a little taste of what we will cover)

  • Getting the facts: Porn in the new millennium
  • The current state of affairs
  • The truth about the porn industry
  • The neurology behind the addiction
  • Your brain is being hijacked: Latest discoveries in neuroscience
  • Your own path: How your story is your best asset
  • Judgment shame and control
  • Sex is not bad, addiction is (A World of possibilities)
  • Alternate Arrow Square Right
    Daily Exercises on mindfulness
  • Alternate Arrow Square Right
    Redirecting your sexual energy: Working out, meditation, Art and Creation
  • Alternate Arrow Square Right
    Support your body
  • Alternate Arrow Square Right
    Connection: Connecting to your body, Nature and people
  • You are being less of a man, get your power back!
  • You’ll get back to normal: Sexual Dysfunctions
  • How to start the one thing: Cheat Sheet to plan your day
  • How to create a Community for support
  • Resources to support your path
  • Alternatives: The use of sacred medicine and psychedelics
  • Be expressed, learning to interact with your new world
  • Porn vs a real woman
  • Alternate Arrow Square Right
    New activities, designing a new unreasonable life
  • Alternate Arrow Square Right
    Reinventing your Life: creating a new powerful self
  • Alternate Arrow Square Right
    Journaling to order your mind
  • Alternate Arrow Square Right
    Your daily Gratitude practice
  • Alternate Arrow Square Right
    The role of forgiveness
    Conclusion (Bringing It All Together)

Brother: this program is the result of years of work and dedication, And here I share with you how I turned my life around, and literally how I raised myself from underground to the position of power where I am right now, telling you how I defeated porn addiction and now I can help my fellow men to lead a beautiful and prosperous life. You will find, resources, recommendations, proven methods and more than 3 hours of rich content to heal porn addiction and start a great creative life!

If you are ready to turn your life around and
live an unreasonable life, free of addictions,
and enjoying a healthy sexual live,
then click here!


Brother, I am so positive that this program will make such a huge difference in your life that I’m offering 100% guarantee on the program. If you think this program doesn’t add massive value to your life, I will give 100% of your investment back the first 30 days.

I know what I put on this program, I know what type of effort this program demanded and most importantly, know how all the methods, tips and techniques that you will find on this course have change my life forever and have allowed me to live a life of freedom, beauty and joy.

If you are ready to experience that for yourself and live a healthy sexuality free of the chains of porn and its delusional sexual fantasy then this program is what you have been looking for.

I know what I put on this program, I know what type of effort this system demanded and most importantly, know how all the methods, tips and techniques that you will find on this course have change my life forever and have allowed me to live a life of freedom, beauty and joy.

This is only the beginning of a new life, this is my promise to you my brother!




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