Gonzalo springs out from Lima, Peru and moved to Miami in the year 2003. While in San Marcos University, he studied Literature and he chose to go to non-conventional self-development schools like the acclaimed Robins Research international, Landmark education among others.

Having experienced a massive transformation with the Mankind Project, the largest organization in the world that help men to become better men, using traditions like the tribal initiation into masculinity from ancient cultures, like the new warrior training adventure, NWTA, that marks a day when you are reborn again. He has been dedicating his life to help men to overcome porn addiction, along with dedicating his life to find his true masculine power and consequently helping other men to do the same. He has devoted his life to study human sexuality to bring healthy sexual teachings to other men in the world.
A few years ago, Gonzalo discovered the Native American shamanic practices with sacred plant medicine, which changed his life forever. He is passionate about the responsible and therapeutic use of psychedelics and sacred plant medicine, to heal the planet and to reconnect men with nature and their divine nature.

Gonzalo loves Yoga, Soccer, Reading, Archery, and meditation. And if he is not doing any of those activities, you will find him playing the guitar in front of the ocean in Miami Beach.

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