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Conversations About Men
Ben Goresky - Men's Coach, Addiction Counselor, Podcaster: " If you have an addiction, your life is center around the addiction, so you need to change your whole life"

Hello and welcome to another episode of conversations about Men. Our guest today is a great voice in the movement of positive masculinity.  He is well known for his podcast “The Evolving Man” where he interviews experts that help men to live extraordinary lives. I’m talking about Ben Goresky.  Ben is a Men’s Coach, an addiction counselor and an expert, teaching how to bring consciousness to your relationships. He is also a leader of the men’s community of conscious men called Samurai Brotherhood, created by P. T. Mistlberger that provides a space of accountability and brotherhood.
I particularly enjoyed this conversation not only because Ben talks about a topic that is very relevant in my life, but also because he is the real deal: he lives his message.
So, I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did, and without further due, here is my conversation with men’s coach:  Ben Goresky