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Conversations About Men
Interview with Daniel Eisenman: Author, retreat facilitator, tribe builder and "The OM Daddy". “The most inspiring and passionate people of the world, are people fully pursuing play”.

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Conversations about Men, with your host Gonzalo Salinas.  On this episode, we have a wonderful guest. I’ve been looking forward to this interview because our guest somehow personifies the idea of the new integral man:  he is an excellent father, husband, entrepreneur, a great human being and above everything, he teaches the art of creating sustainable tribes.  Today we have Daniel Eisenman:  author, retreat facilitator, tribe builder and (I must mention this) he is well known on the internet as The OM Daddy, and if there’s anyone out there that is not familiar with this viral video, I totally recommend you to google it, because, it is most loving and tender video on the internet. So, without any delay, here is my conversation with Daniel Eisenman.