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Conversations About Men
Interview with Dr. Robert Glover - Author, Men's Coach & Workshop Facilitator
Hello everyone and Welcome to another episode of Conversations about Men.  I am truly honored to have on the show Dr. Robert Glover. 
Dr. Glover is an author, men’s coach and workshop facilitator, and he is internationally recognized for being the author of a masterpiece of the masculine development: the book “No more Mr. Nice Guy”.
Every man that reads that book somehow, after reading it, feels he is a better man, and within his soul, wants to continue being a better man. If you read the book you will know what I’m talking about.
I must mention that Dr. Robert Glover was the first man that listened to me, the first time I opened up about my addiction to porn: his intervention in my life, was crucial for me to heal.
So double the excitement, not only for having such a great authority in the world of masculine development, but also a deep gratitude for this man, that with his work, is changing the world of men.
Without further due here is my conversation with Dr. Robert Glover