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Conversations About Men
Interview with Farhan Khawaja PhD- Neuroscientist, Writer, Health and Fitness Instructor, Entrepreneur: "Man: Take Life by the balls"
Welcome to another episode of your podcast Conversations about Men with your host Gonzalo Salinas. I’ve been really looking forward to this episode because our guest today talks about a very important topic for men: TESTOSTERONE.  Today we have on the show Dr. Farhan Khawaja also known as “Doc Testosterone”. Dr. Farhan is a professionally trained medical doctor with a PhD in Neuroscience. He is a health and fitness educator and an entrepreneur. On this interview we covered many topics like porn addiction, breathing and meditation, sleep and testosterone, how to boost your testosterone naturally,  sperm quality, best supplements to improve your testosterone levels, a healthy manly diet, cannabis and testosterone, the use of Viagra, stoic philosophers, how to life your life in your terms and more.
We also talk about a product called Aphro D, a formula that he created after researching herbs from all over the word, and today is known as one of the most powerful natural testosterone boosters in the marketplace.  So, with no more delay, here is my conversation with Dr. Farhan Khawaja: Doc Testosterone.