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Conversations About Men
Interview with Frank Mondeose - Sacred sex educator, Tantra Teacher and Entrepreneur: "The divine Masculine holds space, creates safety, is expressive and witness without judgement"
Welcome to another episode of Conversations about Men with your host Gonzalo Salinas. Today we have an amazing guest:  He is a sacred sex educator, tantra teacher and an entrepreneur in the world of sensual entertainment. We are talking about Frank Mondeose.  Frank is an ISTA faculty trainer and also he facilitates private workshops.  He tours all over the world teaching sacred sexuality, and he documents his travels on his podcast and YouTube channel. He has also embraced, the teaching of conscious masculinity, and he organizes an event event called ReMENber where he takes groups of men trough rites of passage to help them to embody their true masculine power. Enjoy my conversation with Frank Mondeose!