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Conversations About Men
Interview with Justin Gottlieb - Tantra Practitioner, Pleasure Guide and Intimacy Coach: "Being present on this moment is the Secret of Life"
Hello and welcome to another episode of your podcast Conversations about Men with your host Gonzalo Salinas.  Today we have a great guest on the show:  I’m particularly excited not only because he is a great Tantra Teacher, but also because he is a personal friend, and I know his integrity, his work ethic and his quality as a human being. I’m talking about Justin Gottlieb:  Justin teaches Tantra and is and intimacy coach. He also diversifies his practice as a fantasy and pleasure guide.  He does events and workshops and is one of the promoters of Tantra in the Miami area. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as i did, so without further due, here is my conversation with Tantra teacher, Justin Gottlieb.