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Conversations About Men
Interview with Nalaya Chakana - Intimacy Life Coach and Tantra Teacher: “Where the greatest blockage is, is where the power is hidden"
Hello, and welcome to another episode of Conversations about Men, with your host Gonzalo Salinas.  Our guest today is Nalaya Chakana. Nalaya is an intimacy life coach, tantra teacher and on her practice, she includes shamanism and ritual to help her clients to live a better life and connect to their sexuality.
She has a group on Facebook called MAKE LOVE TO LIFE, where she gives vary valuable information about intimacy, relationships, connection and sexuality.
On this conversation we talked about many interesting topics like Sexual expansion, Orgasmic life force, getting rid of old patterns in relationships and Sexuality and shamanism, among others.
So, without further due, here is my conversation with intimacy coach Nalaya Chakana.