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Conversations About Men
Interview with Stefanos Sifandos: Mindset and Transformational Coach: “Being a great Man requires attention to Self and willingness to go into the unknown”.

Welcome to this episode of Conversations about Men, with your host Gonzalo Salinas.  Our guest today is Stefanos Sifandos. Stefanos is a Mindset and Transformational Coach, but to label him just like that, is a little unfair: the best way I can describe Stefanos is as a Reinassance Man:  Not only for the comprehensive range of topics that he teaches, but also for the way he integrates the cultivation of the body, the emotions, the mindset and self-discipline. On this conversation we talked about relationships, masculinity, men’s work, sacredsons, relationships, vulnerability and many other topics… so, without further delay, here is my conversation with transformational coach: Stefanos Sifandos.