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Conversations About Men
Michelle Alva: Tantra, teacher, NLP/Hypnosis Practitioner, Life Coach, Energy Healer: "When you release your emotions, you empower yourself, so you are not a victim of your past anymore"

Hello and welcome to another episode of your podcast Conversations about Men with your host Gonzalo Salinas. Today we have a very talented woman: She is one of the most active tantra teachers from Miami, I’m talking about Michelle Alva. Michelle is also an NLP/Hypnosis Practitioner, Life Coach, Energy Healer and Yoga, and Meditation Teacher.  In this conversation, we talked about creating a deeper connection with your partner, how to connect more with your body, how to release negative emotions and how to heal sexual trauma, and of course about finding pleasure.  I’m happy that I call Michelle my friend, and I can tell that she is the real deal, and she puts all her passion in her work. You’ll feel it in the interview. So, without further due, here is my conversation with Tantra teacher:  Michelle Alva.