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Conversations About Men
Troy Casey - Holistic Lifestyle Consultant, author "The Certified Healthnut": "My advice to human beings is: Align yourself with the natural rhythms of Nature"

Hello and welcome to another episode of conversations about Men with your host Gonzalo Salinas.  Today we have a great guest:  He is one of the most important references in natural holistic health in America, many people know him as “The Certified Healthnut” on the internet. He has studied internal purification, holistic health, plants, and detox and he spent 8 years learning how to work with teacher plants at the Amazon rainforest. I’m talking about Troy Casey.  Troy is passionate about personal and planetary health and recently he has published a book called Ripped at 50 where he shares more than 20 years of experience working with top scientists and health experts and working with curanderos and shamans from the Amazon. This is a very interesting interview, and if you want to improve your health in a natural way, this conversation is for you.  So, without further due, here is my conversation with holistic lifestyle consultant, Troy Casey.

To buy Troy’s book Ripped at 50, go to :
or to @certifiedhealthnut on Instagram